'SWEET' Success ... The Dessert Mixer

The Wedding Library and Cafe' - Our deluxe venue

Signature Drink - The PINK Kiss {smak}

sweet treats made for delicious favors

nutty caramel apples, pink - chocolate covered strawberries and
iced pink cookies {yummy}

delightful desserts...just follow the sign

Janet Hall, co-owner of The Wedding Library and
Cafe' and one of the afternoon's sweet hostesses

Welcomed guests:{left-right} John Gourdia,Shae Blount,Holly
Blackett (back to camera), Joyce Mnkande and
Sandra Bearden(arm in pink sweater)

Tonya R. Taylor, Twitterer Extraordinairre. Owner of
Rising Star Ideas

delectables from Santoni's Marketplace & Caterers

a few of the bejeweled offerring for area bride's to chose
from at The Wedding Library make up the backdrop
for our sweet treats

as a showing of appreciation, all of our guests were treated
to the surprise sugary feasts from our Candy Bar

large sized carrying bags, bedecked with the names of our
gracious Sponsors, held all of the deliciousness that
the Candy Bar had to offer.

gifts were raffled off as another showing of our appreciation
for to our guests. Thank You All!!
A BIG SHOUT OUT to our Sponsors: {left-right},
Baltimore Behavioral Health, our charity of choice-
The Pink Envelope Project, and our gracious hosts:
Events Management , and Pearls of Wisdom Events

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